Kerastase is a luxury brand, a pioneer in haircare, has collaborated with Sonam Kapoor for a campaign in the Indian market.

Anjali Pai, the general manager at Kerastase India in a statement said, “For us at Kerastase, it is all about our consumers, the women who trust us. We use science and technology in haircare to help hair reach its full potential. Sonam brings to life this philosophy. She is confident, puts herself first when she needs to and understands the need for balance! She is not afraid to take time to care for herself, her hair, her body, her mind and this is what makes her an inspiration to millions of women.”

The brand has its presence all over the major cities in India and has been in operation for over 16 years with all the best salons in every city.

Sonam Kapoor’s response is, “Kerastase is a brand I deeply resonate with. It not only stands for innovative, luxurious hair products, but also for the message they deliver to women; dare to be who you want, because you have the potential. I am excited about the collaboration.”

The brand’s philosophy is care first and it extends beyond its products to care for all hair types, all women and to the future of the planet. Sonam fitted the role best as she believes immensely in self-care. Women juggle between work, home, travel and caring for children, hence to care for oneself is vital. Her hair, mind and body are an inspiration to millions of women. Indulge in Kersastase products to have great hair like Sonam.



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