With the lead pair Ram and Priya appearing together once more in Bade Achche Lagte Hain to act as though they are married for Ram’s project with the minister, fans are anticipating the old Ram and Priya who were incredibly in love.

When Ram and Pihu hug at the airport and become close friends, Pihu sees Ram as a decent person. Ram also wants to fit in with her since he thinks Pihu is a pretty girl, and thus begins a new friendship.

In Bade Acche Lagte Hain the public loves the relationship between Nakuul Mehta and Disha Parmar as Ram and Priya, respectively.

Ram and Pihu are seen to be stranded at the airport when their trip to Mumbai is canceled, so they decide to play a game of silly charades in which they create a team. Later, Pihu manages to correctly predict the title of the film just in time, and their team triumphs. Pihu and Ram enthusiastically give each other hugs after learning about this cause for rejoicing.

The future episodes will have Pihu tying Ram and Priya attempting to persuade Pihu that Ram is a decent man. Priya will be questioned by Pihu about her confidence in Ram. Priya will gush about how Ram is her true love.

Additionally, Ram and Pihu converse and express their regrets to one another over a cupcake. Pihu does appropriately because she believes Ram is not as evil as she believes. Ram likewise considers Pihu to be a nice girl and makes an effort to fit in.

Let’s wait and see how Ram and Pihu’s union will affect the situation.

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