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XG drop their latest rap video out of nowhere!


Watch as HARVEY, rocking blonde hair and shades, delivers an impressive rap performance!

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XG, the Hip-hop / R&B-inspired girl group that has sparked virality worldwide, has suddenly dropped the latest instalment of their rap content series, “XG TAPE #4.”

“XG TAPE” encompasses a performance series called “XG LAB STUDIO,” focusing specifically on rap performances which originated from XG before their debut.

In “XG TAPE #1 Chill Bill,” JURIN and HARVEY showcased their adept rap skills over the beat of Rob $tone’s “Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spook,” sparking significant discussion among hip-hop fans, despite being pre-debut.

In “XG TAPE #2 GALZ XYPHER,” COCONA, MAYA, HARVEY, and JURIN showed their rap skills, effortlessly switching between English, Japanese, and Korean over iconic hip-hop beats. Their unique culture, unparalleled in other groups, garnered reactions from numerous international artists and influencers on social media, solidifying XG’s hip-hop identity on a global scale.

In “XG TAPE #3,” XG embodied the “New School” with “Two Tens” (HARVEY, MAYA) and expressed their interpretation of the “Old School” while maintaining XG’s original hip-hop culture with “Nothin'” (JURIN, COCONA). HARVEY and MAYA skilfully rode J. Cole-produced beats in “Two Tens feat. Anderson Paak” and JURIN, COCONA showcased their rap skills over The Neptunes-produced beat, “Nothin'”. Moreover, popular rapper Armani White, whose hit song “BILLIE EILISH.” sampled N.O.R.E.’s “Nothin’,” expressed his desire to collaborate with XG in Asia.

Today’s release, “XG TAPE #4,” marks the first vertical video in the “XG TAPE” series, featuring HARVEY in “Big Mad (HARVEY)” over Ktlyn’s “Big Mad” beat. Watch as HARVEY, with blonde hair and sunglasses, delivers an original rap performance with a unique flow and groove.

Stay tuned for more rap content from other XG members in the future.

Recently, on April 12th, XG released a collaboration single, “UNDEFEATED,” with the rapidly growing popular FPS game “VALORANT.” On May 21st, XG announced the release of their first all-rap song, “WOKE UP.” Additionally, XG will kick off their first world tour, “XG 1st WORLD TOUR – The first HOWL,” starting on May 18th.

[XG TAPE #4] Big Mad (HARVEY)


[XG TAPE #1] Chill Bill (JURIN, HARVEY)


[XG TAPE #3-A] Two Tens (HARVEY, MAYA)

[XG TAPE #3-B] Nothin’ (JURIN, COCONA)


5th Single

XG is a seven-member Hip-hop / R&B-inspired girl group consisting of JURIN, CHISA, HINATA, HARVEY, JURIA, MAYA, COCONA. They debuted in March 2022 with their 1st Single “Tippy Toes” from XGALX, a global entertainment production that emits a ‘BOLD’ culture worldwide and brings forth artists with unique worldviews.

They released their 1st Mini Album “NEW DNA” in September 2023, achieving first place on Billboard JAPAN’s “Hot Albums.” In November of the same year, they held their first solo live audience show “XG ‘NEW DNA’ SHOWCASE in JAPAN” (at Pia Arena MM). Actively performing globally, they have appeared in numerous major music festivals in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. They made history as the first Japanese artist to rank first on the US Billboard chart ‘Hot Trending Songs Powered by Twitter’ and were the first Japanese girl group to grace the cover of the American “Billboard” magazine, achieving numerous global feats.

In 2024, they announced their first world tour, “XG 1st WORLD TOUR ‘The first HOWL’.” The group name “XG” stands for “Xtraordinary Girls.” Through their unconventional music and performances, they aim to empower people from all walks of life around the world.


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