XG, the HIPHOP / R&B-inspired girl group, today dropped the second pre-release track and music video for “TGIF,” taken from their upcoming 1st Mini Album ‘NEW DNA’.

TGIF stands for “Thank God I’m Fly” and evokes XG’s wish to “evolve to love ourselves as unique individuals, no matter what”. The song is characterized by its pounding bass and dynamic percussion in the chorus, resulting in a distinctive, powerful and energetic song.

The music video for “TGIF,” unveiled today, shows XG’s further “evolution” from their previous track “GRL GVNG,” which depicted the girls arriving from outer space. For this video, the theme is “expansion”. The video uses creative effects, 3D graphics, and the natural moments of the girls, resulting in a fun yet high-end production.

The highlight of “TGIF,” is undoubtedly the chorus, which calls out the title. The choreography here features relaxed dance moves and hand movements in a surprising and inspiring way.

XG’s busy schedule includes the “Head In The Clouds New York Music & Arts Festival” in LA this weekend on the 5th and 6th, followed by an appearance at the KCON LA at the end of August, also “TGC 2023 A/W” on September 2nd at Saitama Super Arena, “88 DEGREES & RISING IN JAKARTA” on September 9th, “F1 Singapore Fes” on September 15th, and “Hyperound” on November 11th in Abu Dhabi. The girls are featuring at more and more major festivals both domestically and internationally.

On top of this, XG’s highly-anticipated 1st Mini Album ‘NEW DNA,’ is due to be released on September 27th. The world is waiting to see the next evolution of XG.

XG – TGIF (Official Music Video)

from XG’s 1st Mini Album
Release Date: Friday August 4, 2023


1st Mini Album ‘NEW DNA’
Release Date: Wednesday September 27, 2023


The 1st Mini Album ‘NEW DNA’ boldly expresses the notion of being a “new species” unbound by conventions and limitations. The artwork reminiscent of cell division, combined with six entirely new tracks reflecting evolution, culminates in XG’s “NEW DNA” both visually and audibly. This Mini Album acts as a prologue yet stands as the heart of their evolving journey.

XG 1st Mini Album ‘NEW DNA’ Special Site

CD BOX Pre-order

XG are a seven member HipHop/R&B-inspired girls group consisting of JURIN, CHISA, HARVEY, HINATA, JURIA, MAYA and COCONA.

The group debuted on March 2022 with their 1st single “Tippy Toes” from XGALX, a global entertainment production company that introduces BOLD culture to the world and produces artists with a unique world view.
In June of the same year, they released their 2nd Single “MASCARA”. They released their 3rd Single “SHOOTING STAR” on January 25, 2023.

The groups name “XG” stands for “Xtraordinary Girls.
Through their unconventional and unique style of music and performance, they will empower people from all walks of life around the world.

A global entertainment production company that transmits BOLD culture to the world and produces artists with a unique world view.
Through the energy, high quality music and performances created by the strong minds, purity, and teamwork of Gen Z women, the company conveys to young people around the world the message of “Chasing a dream, having the strength to make it come true, and going all the way”.

A New Breed – Breaking Boundaries
A New Breed Breaking Boundaries” is a project that aims to break down conventions and stereotypes, creating new values through creativity, and expressing to young people around the world that they should “listen to their hearts, set their dreams in motion, have the strength to realize them, and go all the way.”

XG Official Website: http://xgalx.com/xg/
XG OFFICIAL FANCLUB “ALPHAZ”: https://xg.pasch.fan/
XG Instagram: https://instagram.com/xgofficial
XG YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@xg_official
XG TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xg.official
XG Weverse: https://weverseapp.page.link/p3i5
XG Twitter: https://twitter.com/XGOfficial_
XG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XGOfficial
XGALX Official Website http://xgalx.com/

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