Humans still don’t fully understand the majority of the ocean since we lack the capability to explore the bottomless depths. Every day, new information about bizarre species is discovered that play a crucial role in nature.

The sea cucumber is one such animal. It is crucial to the ecosystem of the sea and can help repair much of the harm caused by centuries of fishing and pollution by people.

The monster is the subject of a brand-new video. It is seen feeding by extending tentacle-like projections from its mouth. Everyone would get nightmares after watching the video.

Netizens instantly discussed the video on social media. While some made jokes about how the video seemed, several others contributed interesting details about the species.

One person joked about his eating habits by remarking, “That’s how I eat too,” while another person clarified what was occurring in the video by stating, “Those are tube feet that appear like tentacles encircling their mouths.”

A third suggested that authors should develop movies about the deep sea rather than space travel. He added, “There is enough unusual things accessible in our seas and their deep pits. Movies don’t need to go into outer space for inspiration.”

On the social media site Twitter, the video was posted with the description, “This is how sea cucumbers eat.”

As deposit feeders, sea cucumbers are essential to the cycle of nutrients. The inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus they excrete enhance the benthic ecosystem, while their activities reduce organic loads and spread surface debris.

In other sea cucumber news, a recent study led by the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling shows how sea cucumbers, a delicacy in Asia, may flourish by consuming and thriving on organic waste created by industrial fish farms in the Mediterranean.

The results show that adding sea cucumbers can provide a high-value product while reducing the impact of marine fish farming on the ecosystem.

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