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Zaid Darbar wishes his beautiful wife Gauahar Khan on her birthday by saying she has ‘the best soul’.

Zaid Darbar & Gauahar Khan

Gauahar Khan received birthday wishes from her husband Zaid Darbar on Monday. He also shared a bunch of images from their party.

Sharing them, Zaid wrote: “This day will always be special! it had been the day I proposed my wife and it’s been a year since she said yes. She is that the strongest and has the simplest soul, Happiest birthday to the present lovely person. i really like you @gauaharkhan.” Incidentally, it’s also the day that when he proposed to Gauahar last year.

The actor replied to him and wrote within the comments box: “I love you! Thank u for creating it the simplest per annum .”Gauahar and Zaid married in December last year after a whirlwind romance during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, they got engaged after over a month of knowing one another .

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Gauahar had revealed the rationale why she married him. She said: “I was averse to the thought of being with anyone once I met him. Yet, I felt this was something different because I had never met someone like him. I felt this is often my quite person . he’s like me in some ways in thoughts, behaviour, history and characteristics. So, I knew we might have an excellent friendship. We didn’t have a courtship. I met him, we hit it off and he didn’t think he would propose to someone, marriage wasn’t on his mind. When he asked me, it wasn’t planned. it had been during a flow and after meeting me, in literally over a month, he proposed to me. there have been no second thoughts.”

In another interview with Coffee Time with Griha, Gauahar had said how Zaid, despite being a person with few demands, had one condition for marriage. She had said: “Zaid told me I can put up with everything, your work schedule everything, but if you don’t wear mehendi on your wedding, then call this quits.”

Post their wedding, Gauahar and Zaid often share pictures with one another . Since they married within the midst of an epidemic , they went for his or her honeymoon rather late, six months after their wedding.


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