A little child and his elementary school teacher are featured in a video that has gone extremely popular online. The youngster is seen in the video hugging the woman and kissing her on the cheek as he apologizes to her. While some people found the video to be cute, many internet users felt differently about the boy’s behavior.

Twitter users also posted the video there. In the video, a little youngster is seen hugging and apologizing to his instructor for a mistake he committed. The youngster receives a reprimand from the mother and responds by kissing her cheek and promising not to act in the same way again.

Over a million people have seen the video, and there have been many comments. Many online users thought the video was really endearing and praised the teacher for acting as the child’s mother figure. But several people noted that the film wasn’t the best illustration of a teacher-student exchange.

“Aap baar baar bolte ho aise, phir karte ho badmashi,” the teacher is heard saying in the video. Mai naraz hu aapse (You keep saying you won’t do anything, but you still do it. I won’t speak to you. (Despite having previously stated that you wouldn’t, you did.)

More than a million people have seen the video, and there are many comments.

“How are you, dear? ek chudail mereko toh bachpan mein scale se marti thi, “A user made a remark. Another person remarked, “Aise school hote hai kya pta nhi tha hamare time to maar maar ke hath suja dete the.” “The instructor is a stunning woman. Respect for teachers who show such tenderness and compassion toward young children with innocent hearts. A child can gain morals and education when they can compare a teacher to their own mother “Added the third user.

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