Do you recall helping your parents with everything when you were little and running after them? We all have recollections of following behind our mothers when they cleaned the home or helping our fathers with their offices. I recall spending a lot of time in the kitchen with my mother during those formative years. She would prepare a variety of delights, and occasionally she would let me cut something for her or give her a certain masala. I just watched a video of a two-year-old helping her mother prepare a lunch, which undoubtedly brought up some memories. And I have no doubt that a lot of you may relate to this popular video.

An Instagram user named @natalieandbruna posted a video of a two-year-old helping her mother prepare dinner. The little child may be seen chopping some veggies at the beginning of the video. Then she fills a steamer with more vegetables including beans, broccoli, carrots, and zucchini. Her mother then gives her some chopped chicken parts to cook in an air fryer while seasoning them with oil and spices. Finally, the girl savors the chicken, rice, and veggies all at once!

This video has had 146K likes since it was released, has received 3.3 million views, and has up to 1,000 comments. This video was adored by many viewers. View a few of the remarks below:
“Wow! absolutely incredible Even at the ages of six and eight, my children can hardly prepare simple bread with butter.”

You’re lucky that she eats veggies. She first assisted her mother with the dishes, and now she is genuinely assisting with the cooking. My future children should be like this, I hope. This is awesome!

She is already two years old and is capable of handling more household responsibilities than most individuals.
“Little expert chef can prepare food for me at any moment!”

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