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A gripping tale- Murder in Mahim on Jio Cinema.


Starring Vijay Raaz and Ashutosh Rana, this series is a good murder mystery. Adapted from Jerry Pinto’s novel, this 8-episode series, weaves a story that has the viewers asking for more.

A brutal murder of a gay prostitute, has the police investigating. As the crime increases, Inspector Jende is forced to form an alliance with his estranged friend and reporter, Peter. Together they make a great team to solve the mystery.

Each actor in this series plays a magnificent role. From the acting to dialogue delivery, it all bears witness of the talented team. The story has layers that touch upon humanity, struggle for justice and a fight for prejudice.

Set in the backdrop of a time when homosexuality was considered a crime and the LGBTQIA + was looked down upon, the director deals with the subject aptly. The scene where the doctor commits suicide because of her parent’s being orthodox, really moved me.

While talking about the show, Vijay Razz said, “It’s only because of the OTT platform that stories have now been able to breathe, they were getting suffocated. Stories have got a new-found freedom, they were getting overshadowed because of our so called heroes. This is a beautiful time for our stories. This is why we are able to see new stories, new perspectives and performances.”

With several twists, the series had me immersed and I quite liked it.


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