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A new Korean exhibition at the V&A celebrates K-Pop, “Squid Game,” and “Parasite.”


The show will enable visitors to explore the phenomenon known as “hallyu,” which is short for “Korean Wave,” through K-Pop costumes, K-drama props, and posters, as well as photography, sculpture, fashion, film, and pop culture memorabilia. Hallyu gained notoriety in the late 1990s, spreading throughout Asia before encircling the globe and upending currents in contemporary pop culture.

It goes on to say, “Hallyu! The Korean Wave will highlight its cultural influence on the beauty and fashion sectors while exploring the origins of the Korean Wave through fandoms, music, theatre, and film. Along with pop culture memorabilia, the show will include some 200 pieces spread across four themed parts, some of which have never been seen in the UK before.

One of the exhibition’s centerpieces is an immersive recreation of the toilet set from the Oscar-winning movie Parasite. Along with clothing from the popular Netflix series Squid Game, there is also an exhibition of legendary costumes and accessories from K-drama, cinema, and music, including those from PSY to ATEEZ and aespa.

Two additional announcements on the social media pages of the streaming service on June 12 announced that the program would return for a second season. The famed doll from the first episode, with a number two flashing in its eye, was depicted in the first post. “At the ready. Set up. “Go ahead,” the caption said. The “Squid Game” goes on.

The director, writer, and executive producer of the program, Hwang Dong-hyuk, sent a statement captioned “A whole new round is coming” in a subsequent post. The first season of Squid Game premiered last year after a 12-year wait, he wrote. But it took Squid Game 12 days to surpass all other Netflix program in popularity.

“A big shout out to fans everywhere from Squid Game’s writer, director, and producer. We appreciate you enjoying and watching our broadcast.


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