This film starring Anna Kendrick in a pivotal role along with Charlie Carrick, Kaniehtiio Horn, Wunmi Mosaku and others is ready to stream exclusively on Lionsgate Play in India on 26th May.

The movie’s protagonist Alice is forced to accept the truth about her abusive boyfriend. She is pushed to the edge by Simon her partner. She rediscovers herself while on a vacation with her friends. This story brings to light, the effect of a toxic relationship.

Anna Kendrick states, “There was something about Alana’s writing that felt so poetic and restrained. I was really interested in telling a story about a toxic, abusive relationship that didn’t look the way that it’s always kind of been portrayed in movies. And the way that Alana wrote that woman’s inner turmoil, and the subtle, but very rewarding journey that she goes on, very much intrigued me.”

Giving her point of view on abuse, Anna further adds, “I feel like everybody’s been touched by this kind of confusing, very insidious abuse, whether it’s happened to you or a friend of yours, you’ve seen someone in your life start to shrink and start to look and feel suffocated, and you’re not sure what’s going on. It’s this very unsettling feeling, you don’t know what you can say, how you can help.”

The movie gives an insight to domestic violence and reveals several hidden, taboo issues of our world. The story is about friendship, conviction, fortitude and strength in the midst of crisis.

Watch it if you like this genre.

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