Videos of food delivery executives dashing through severe rain to bring orders to clients are routinely shared online, whether it’s in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening. This week, a similar video of a Swiggy delivery employee waiting hopelessly on his motorcycle in the pouring rain while apparently en route to fulfilling a customer’s order surfaced online.

While he waits, riding a motorbike through the rain without a helmet or raincoat, risking his health and getting wet. Dipanshu Kabra, an IPS officer, posted the video.

The officer posted the video and stated: “Unfortunately, only 5 stars may be awarded for Swiggy. For such a responsible and diligent worker, fewer millions of stars are likewise appropriate.”

In response to the video, Swiggy stated: “All of our delivery partners, including this Vijayawada executive, are appreciated for their efforts. We prioritize their safety above all else, and we take several precautions to make sure they are weather-ready all year long.”

Netizens praised the delivery person, but some rightfully criticized the meal delivery businesses, clamoring for them to give the CEOs raincoats.

Another person remarked: “With such determination, this hardworking man will do miracles in his life.”

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