Ji Sung, who starred in Kill Me Heal Me, is back with the thriller Adamas, which is streamable on Disney+ Hotstar. Ji Sung portrays the twin brothers Ha Woosin and Song Suhyeon in the program, who are on the hunt for Adamas in order to exact revenge for the death of their father. In Kill Me Heal Me, when his character was proven to have a personality problem, he portrayed seven personalities. Ji Sung underlined during the press conference that his dual character in Adamas is quite unlike from Kill Me Heal Me.

When discussing the aspects of the part that inspired him, he remarked, “First and foremost, Woosin and Suhyeon’s dual role itself had me fascinated. I was very affected by the twins’ effort to defend their father from the false accusations and save him. I didn’t use the knowledge I gained from having played 7 distinct characters in my past work as a basis for my performance in this show. This was a brand-new experience for me.”

Ji Sung said, “I played them out as if they were entirely different people since I was portraying a person with a multiple personality disorder at the time. For ADAMAS, however, I wanted to highlight the distinctive qualities of the identical twin brothers, whose depictions had to have the same starting point. It was challenging to convey how they were distinct in subtle ways while also having many similarities on television. As I spent more time with the brothers, I saw that I was becoming more and more engrossed in their world and the charm of their personalities.”

He revealed, as an example of what viewers may anticipate from the show: “The thing that binds them all together is love. What the brothers aspire to and what sustains them. As the plot develops, you’ll also learn that there’s a reason why they must do everything it takes to locate Adamas, and that reason has to do with love.”

Ji Sung plays both the detective novelist Ha Woosin and his prosecutor twin brother Song Suhyeon in Adamas, which also stars Seo Jihye (Kiss Sixth Sense, Crash Landing on You), Lee Sookyung (Law School, Reply 1988), and Heo Sungtae (Big Bet, Squid Game) as Eun Hyesu and Kim Seohui, respectively. Choi Taegang wrote the script, while Park Seungwoo is in charge of directing it (Kairos, I Am Not A Robot).

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