Staff at McDonald’s were perplexed by an odd event when an irate lady yelling behind the counter shoved hamburgers into her dress. On social media, a video of the event that was reported from Bell Green in Lewisham, southeast London, has gone viral.

On August 13, the lady reportedly stepped behind the counter and got into a violent argument with a worker at the fast food establishment.

However, after ranting at the employees, the lady rushes up to the hot plate holding the hamburgers and grabs what looks to be two Big Macs, shoving them down her top.

It’s unclear what the woman is saying.

In a forceful voice, the employee keeps asking her to go. Before the lady stuffs two more hamburgers inside her garments, he backs away from her.

According to a McDonald’s spokeswoman, “This conduct is totally inappropriate and is not appropriate in any of our locations. We want to express our gratitude to the staff at our restaurant for managing the situation so coolly and expertly.”

Internet users were astonished and perplexed by the video. Her actions were described as “classy” and “sad” by online users.

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