Nikita Rawal, celebrated for her remarkable talent and mesmerizing performances, recently found herself at the center of a terrifying episode when an ardent fan crossed the line between admiration and obsession. Nikita was returning from a shoot when this situation occurred outside her building.

The fan, whose identity remains undisclosed , had been stalking the actress for an extended period, gradually escalating from invasive social media messages and gifts to unwelcome encounters at public events.

The traumatic incident has had a profound impact on the actress, leaving her shaken and traumatized. Rawal has bravely decided to come forward and share her story, hoping to shed light on the issue and empower others who may have faced similar experiences. She shared, “I was just returning from a shoot, like every day when out of the blue, he came upto me. It is a complete violation of my personal boundaries and has left me feeling a pervasive sense of fear and vulnerability.”

The incident has not only raised concerns about the safety and security of public figures but has also ignited a broader conversation about the pervasive issue of stalking and harassment faced by individuals in the entertainment industry

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