Today, fitness is one of the prerequisites of becoming an actor. Given the massive reach of social media, fans can get a sneak peek into their favorite celebrity’s fitness regime and their fitness secrets. B-towners regularly keep their fans motivated by turning fitness gurus and posting their workouts on their handles. Mimoh Chakraborty has been in the news recently for his spectacular physique and fitness transformations. Showing off his muscular bodies, this Bollywood buff motivates us to strive towards healthier selves.

Talking about his fitness routine, he says, “I have been focusing a lot on movement patterns, mobility drills that involved strength training and conditioning workouts like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with push-ups, burpees, power moves like deadlifts, squats. For losing weight while building a muscular look, I have resorted to weight training as well. I believe we can achieve anything we put out mind to and now this is my goal. Fitness has always been a priority for me. ”

Mimoh who stole the spotlight with character in Jogira Sara Ra Ra and his latest movie Rosh, is training for an upcoming project. He took to his social media to share his workout with a caption that said, “Sky Above Me. Weights Below Me. Swag Within Me. The Punisher With Me.”

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