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Actress Sandhya Shetty’s top 2 finest performances that cemented her niche like never before


Sandhya Shetty is a dynamic and multi-talented personality, all rolled into one. Apart from being a gorgeous and talented actress, Sandhya is also a supermodel, International speaker, Commonwealth Karate Gold medalist and a lot more. All thanks to her positive outlook towards life, she serves as a major source of inspiration for the Gen-z crowd. In her illustrious career so far, the actress has certainly packed a punch and has delivered some top-notch performances. From content in regional languages to Hindi films and OTT projects, the alluring diva has certainly made her presence felt everywhere and we are delighted about the same.

Over the years, Sandhya Shetty has managed to deliver some incredible performances that have helped her cement niche in an industry that’s known for cut-throat competition. She hasn’t just survived but has actually thrived in that space, something she and her fans must be immensely happy and proud about. While it’s truly difficult to identify her best project, such has been her body of work, we are here to talk about 2 such amazing projects that made her a modern-day sensation. Let’s check it out:

1) Corona Papers: This has to be one of the finest movies made in the country which has the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. Sandhya played the role of a gutsy, strong and a ‘force to reckon with’ role of IPS SP Gracy and no brownie points for guessing that her performance was one of the highlights of the film. Incredible with a capital ‘I’ indeed.

2) Dharavi Bank: While this project might have been her debut in the OTT space, the class, calibre and finesse that she displayed from her end while playing Suniel Shetty’s daughter in the web series is outstanding indeed. To star in a project that has incredible performers like Suniel Shetty and Vivek Oberoi and still make your presence felt is no easy task and one can vouch for the fact that nobody could have played the role of ‘Parvathy’ better than Sandhya. Who’s waiting for part 2 now???

To cut things short and put things into perspective, Sandhya’s illustrious and successful career boasts of a lot of good work but we truly feel that these two projects have given her the respect, critical acclaim and love that she’s always deserved and has been getting. Here’s wishing her luck for many more in the future. Stay tuned for more updates.


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