Adah Sharma who is fresh out of the blockbuster success of The Kerala Story , The Kerala story is the highest grossing of female lead films till date .

Adah is known for her love for animals , be it elephants or dogs and cats . She often shares videos on her social media with animals too.A pure vegetarian ,Adah is a brand ambassador for Peta and works with other animal charities too.
Adah took to her social media to appeal to the pm and asked all her followers to appeal to.
Please listen to the voices of animals, they might speak in a language we don’t understand but they too feel pain , just like us .
This is an appeal to bring up the Prevention of cruelty to animals amendment bill in the Monsoon Session of the Parliament .
The price of the life of an innocent animal is 50 rupees right now?? 😱 #NoMore50
When any fine for any crime is a large amount , people think twice or hesitate before they commit it .
Violence to any being reflects as violence in society .
I request all of you to appeal to @narendramodi
@parshottam.rupala to up the punishment for such perversion drastically .
#AmendPCA #StopAnimalCruelty

Known for her action image from the commando franchise, Adah will be next seen in an international project playing a female super hero .
Adah will also be Seen as the lead in season 2 of a very popular web series and 2 more big films to be announced soon .

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