Mimoh Chakraborty stole the spotlight with spectacular performance in Jogira Sara Ra Ra and his latest movie Rosh, has been on an exciting spree. With shoots piling on and many projects in the pipeline, Mimoh is in the prime of his career. But the Jimmy actor wanted to join Nasa before he got roped into a career of entertainment, he revealed in an interview.

Shedding light on this interest of his, he says, “Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with space. I wanted to join Nasa and I even studied hard for it. I never knew destiny planned me to become ‘A Star’ rather than learning about Stars. But that has not stopped me from still being in love with astronomy. I still take classes and online courses in my free time to keep learning about space as it is full of awe and mysteries!”

Mimoh has been taking many courses online with universities from all around the world and also graduated with these online courses. He also added that he is a big fan of Albert Einstein and given a chance would had loved to meet him and understanding his theory of relativity more over a cup of hot coffee since Albert Einstein also did a lot of research on Time.

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