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Alankrita Sahai shares words of caution for young girls who enjoy clubbing, shares an important pro-tip regarding the safety of women


Alankrita Sahai is one individual who’s always been hailed and rated highly. Not just as an actress, the diva has always managed to win hearts because of her socially responsible personality and well, we certainly need more youth icons like her. As a public figure, Alankrita doesn’t believe that her job regarding spreading awareness ends on-screen. She’s one of those rare gems in the industry who always speaks her heart out about anything that’s relevant, especially for women and that’s what makes her unique and different from others.

Her upcoming film ‘Tipppsy’ is set to release on 10th May, 2024 and the film has got a lot to do with women’s safety and the hazardous effects it could have on their safety if they aren’t careful. While her job on-screen is certainly set to create impact when the film releases, the diva has now additionally shared a message for all young girls who like to go out there for clubbing to have fun. Regarding all this, Alankrita said and we quote,

“Well, when girls out there to the clubs, they go with the idea of enjoying and having fun and feeling safe in their own skin. You certainly don’t want things to go wrong and haywire just because you aren’t careful right? There have been so many instances that we have heard in the past where girls and their drinks have been spiked/ lazed just because Firstly they weren’t aware
Secondly , undue advantage is taken of their freedom and free spirited nature thinking that
A woman in a club is easily available or is an easy target, just because she is out drinking or wearing something out of her own choice .No means no is valid even here guys ! So, all I would like to tell everyone is that please enjoy and have fun. But it’s important to always be careful and aware and not trust anyone blindly. Always ensure that if you are drinking, you are drinking responsibly and your drink is prepared in front of you and not left unattended. And always ensure you have safe company around you. Prevention is always better than cure and all you girls out there deserve nothing less than the absolute best. Watch Tipppsy in cinemas near you on 10th May, 2024 and do let me know your feedback. I am positive and looking forward to it.”

On the work front, apart from Tipppsy, Alankrita Sahai is set to have many other interesting projects happening at her end, the official announcements of which will happen soon as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.


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