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Sandhya Shetty’s commitment and dedication towards fitness is unparalleled amidst her hectic work schedule, here’s why she serves as an inspiration to the modern-day youth in terms of work-life balance


Sandhya Shetty is one of the most incredible and loved personalities that we have in the Indian entertainment industry. Over the years, the diva has certainly managed to weave her magic with perfection and well, we aren’t surprised. One thing that serves as a groundbreaking factor for her is how she’s always focused and dedicated towards her personal growth and health apart from her professional accolades and that’s exactly the balance that people strive to achieve in today’s time.

One thing because of which Sandhya has always been rated highly is her fitness quotient. A life-long commitment to fitness is the lifestyle one needs to adapt and that’s exactly what she believes in. The past few years have been very graceful with the release of 2 successful projects like “Dharavi Bank” and “Corona Papers” and we love every bit of it.

One thing that has been noticeable is her shift in fitness regime with not just weight-training and martial arts but also yoga and meditation. She’s a Karate champion who is a 2nd dan black belt and is also a honourable Commonwealth karate gold medalist who has an immense sense of focus and dedication to excel in whatever she does. Apart from all these wonderful things, dancing is something that she always enjoys and hence zumba is an addition to her fun cardio session.

At present, the actress plans to deep dive into her acting career and focus on films. She has got a knack for experimenting and hence, she is open to all genres of films and web series. Her love for the camera will see her doing some good cinema in the coming years and we are certainly looking forward to it.

Despite all the challenges and the daily hustle and bustle of her busy schedule, she is focussing on her fitness entirely to get back to doing some strong and high-octane action oriented films. Her versatile look has always been an advantage and she is happy to play some strong roles in her future films.

Well, here’s wishing the actress good luck so that in the near future, she can achieve all her goals, starting from fitness to her professional accolades. Apart from acting, she has also explored her love for travel and 2024 will be entirely dedicated to acting and travelling. She fearlessly chooses her characters in films so that she can perform and give her best as an actor and break some stereotypes. Her mission “No Fear” is also something that will be a focus for 2024 and she wants to empower herself and women around her. On the work front, she will have interesting projects happening at her end, the official announcements of which will happen soon as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.


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