Anupama wonders if Pakhi remembers her mother, who used to work hard and grieve alone but smiled in front of her children by giving everything to them. She wonders why she thinks 100 times before posting something on social media but not once before criticising her mother. Anuj attempts to console her. According to Baa, selfish individuals believe others are greedy. Samar says he used to think Pakhi’s bravado was immature and foolish, but now he despises her.

She has disappointed everyone. They should halt, Pakhi yells. She is advised by Vanraj to have the bravery to listen if she has the guts to talk. He informs her that she also made him seem bad in front of her in-laws. He silences her as she attempts to speak. Anupama states that her choice is definite. Adhik and Pakhi are ordered to leave the house by her. Adhik assures them that it is not a punishment but rather an opportunity for personal growth and independence. Pakhi is terrified about where they will go. She is advised by Anupama not to visit any relatives’ homes. Dolly also says she’s not welcome to remain at her place. Regarding leaving the Kapadia home, Pakhi complains.

Vanraj urges that Anupama not kick Pakhi out of the house. Anupama refuses to let her work as a maid in the house. Pakhi sits firmly. Nobody is ready to welcome Pakhi into their home. Pakhi requests that Vanraj allow her to reside in his home. Adhik says he won’t remain at her house since it’s not his masculine ego he’s concerned about, but the pride of a son-in-law. Pakhi begins to break stuff. Anupama hopes Pakhi would learn from her errors. Adhik and Pakhi arrive with their baggage and emotionally depart the Kapadia home. Anupama sobs as she recalls all the times she spent with Pakhi. Anuj consoles her.

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