Virat may feel a bit nervous since Pakhi will appear too worried about Virat seeing Sayi. For instance, Pakhi would make it a huge deal if she even catches Virat casually greeting Sayi, which will annoy Virat. Virat will believe Pakhi is being overly protective toward him without cause, and soon he will begin to believe Pakhi is continuously keeping an eye on him. Pakhi and Virat will fight nonstop for hours over this minor irritant, which will frighten Sayi.

The next intriguing tune will provide entertainment for fans of the Star Plus program Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein. Before making a decision, Sai advises Virat to consider Pakhi because the latter could be harmed. Sai is also urged by Usha to consider Virat’s feelings because he has to spend time with Savi and is the latter’s father. When Bhavani learns that Virat will adopt Savi, she becomes enraged with him. In order to acknowledge that Savi is his daughter, Bhavani needs credible evidence. Virat challenges her assertions and challenges her to provide proof of Savi’s identity.

Pakhi applauds Virat’s choice, and Bhavani chastises her for failing to consider the long-term effects. Ashwini requests permission from Sai in order to welcome Savi to Chavan Nivas. Sai gladly accepts, and Pakhi becomes upset believing Sai would continue to visit this home and that her link with Virat could strengthen as before. Virat misunderstands her, and he subsequently confirms to her that he won’t communicate with Sai outside of discussing Savi. Will Pakhi question Virat and Sai? The tension will rise in forthcoming episodes. You won’t want to miss it, do you? Stay tuned to this place to learn more about the most recent information on your favourite shows.

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