In the current episode, Barkha informs Ankush that something must be going on between Rakhi and Toshu. Rakhi responds in the affirmative when Anupama asks whether she’s alright. Anupama visits Anuj, and Barkha advises her to take care of her grandmother’s duties first since they are there to take care of her husband. Even Anuj agrees when Anupama says she can take care of Anuj very well. Anu spills the tray of flowers, and Baa screams at her. She is urged to refrain from shouting at the child by Kavya and Kinjal. Anu is still being blamed by Baa, who also orders her to keep the child away from her. Meenu claims that she dropped the tray and that Anu was only attempting to stop her.

Anupama invites them to pick a name after they have all danced. Kinjal queries Vanraj and Anupama about their choices after hearing everyone’s suggestions. Together, they utter “Aarya,” and they choose to give the infant that name. Anupama notices that Toshu’s girlfriend has been sending him messages on his phone, urging him to come back to Ahmedabad soon. Her shock is evident.

She replies “yes” when Vanraj asks whether she’s okay. Toshu declares that instead of wanting to live a life of luxury, all he wants is to be with Kinjal and Aarya for the rest of his days. Later, Anupama drags Toshu inside a locked room. Rakhi observes it and wonders if she was aware of Toshu’s relationship. He expresses the same curiosity, and Anupama replies that she did learn about his actions.

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