Fake Profile on Netflix is an eye-opener.
With lies and deceit from the word go, the
show is intriguing.
The series begins in La Vegas with Camilla
as a professional dancer. She opens her
profile on a dating app looking for a man
of her dreams. She finds a handsome
doctor Fernando. But when the series
proceeds and the truth comes out, he is
neither single nor a doctor. Very intriguing
I was really hooked to the show as each
episode has a new twist. The acting is par
excellence. Camilla wants to get back for
being cheated. She enters an alliance to
break her boyfriend’s marriage but little
does she know that she’s putting her life in
This 10-episode series is binge-worthy, you
cannot stop. Hurt by the lies she’s been
told, Camilla is willing to go to any length
to find out who the man really is and pay
him back for every lie and false promise.
From drama to action to false promises
and family betraying one another, this one
has it all.
With lots of steamy sex, great bodies,
sensual scenes, beautiful cinematography,
this one is a good lazy Sunday watch to
beat the heat.

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