Vijay Verma is quite in the news for his
good work and good looks. He says,
“There’s a lot of love in my life right now,”
and he’s happy about it.
When asked about his relationships, he
states, “You speak about it when the right
time comes but I can just tell you that
there’s a lot of love in my life right now
and I’m happy.”
He’s not very keen to talk about his love
life, he wants to focus on his work and let
his work speak for itself. The dating
rumours of Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay
Varma started after they were spotted in
Goa during New Year’s Eve.
Tamannaah Bhatia says about Vijay, “He is
a person I care about deeply and he’s my
happy place.” Adding more she said, “I
don’t think you can get attracted to
someone just because they are your costar. I have had so many co-stars. I think if
one has to fall for someone, feel
something for someone, it’s definitely
more personal. It’s nothing to do with
what they do for a living. I mean that’s not
the reason why this would happen.”
She feels she really looks up to him and
they bond well. They both vibe well and
will soon be seen in Lust Stories 2.

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