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Baby Reindeer review- a gripping watch on Netflix!


This series on Netflix, is based on real life events. The series begins with Donny being kind and offering a cup of tea to a woman, who looks rather forlorn as she walks into the bar.

From a simple gesture of kindness, this turns into a story of Martha stalking Donny and the horrors that follow. The story touches several chords, how in life, we all allow ourselves to be pushed around because we are polite and emphatic, and more often than not, this leads to others taking advantage of our goodness.

Maratha is obsessed with Donny and initially, to be seen, loved and appreciated, Donny lets her. He works in a bar and is a stand-up comedian. Not very successful as a comedian, he likes the attention that Maratha gives him. It makes him feel confident to a point but after a while, her aggressiveness becomes too much for him to handle.

This 7-episode series, is something we can all relate to at some level. At first, we feel everything is harmless yet later we feel we’re caught in a web, and even though you want to let go, its tough. Donny’s life is a roller coaster chain of events. The series is full of humor, romance and has its serious moments.

Each character plays its role well, the story keeps the viewers interested. A good watch with several highs and lows. Watch it!


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