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Netflix announces two-part release for ‘Emily in Paris’: Season 4.


Finally, the release date of ‘Emily in Paris’, Season 4 is out. Lily Collins alias ‘Emily’ and her adventures in Paris, is something we are all waiting for.

According to a press release, Season 4 will premiere in two parts. The first five episodes will drop on 15th August and the remaining episodes will air on 12th September. This strategy will keep the viewers hooked and waiting for more.

Netflix UK shared a post and captioned it, “bonjour! Emily in Paris season 4, part 1 premiers on August 15 and part 2 September 12.”

‘Emily in Paris’, is a show everyone loves. With gorgeous clothes, a stellar cast and light humor, this show has something for everyone.

The series revolves around the protagonist Emily, an American who relocates to Paris to help the French branch of her company. Initially they are defensive and do not let her in, but slowly she forms a bond with them all.

Season 4 will continue from the dramatic end of Season 3. The end saw Alfie end his relationship with Emily after Camille revealed that Emily and Gabriel have always been in love. Camille announced that she is pregnant with Gabriel’s baby. Lets see what happens now.


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