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Bijay Anand balances acting schedule and yoga sessions for mental well being in such a fabulous way


As far as the Indian entertainment industry is concerned, whenever there’s a conversation about health, fitness, wellness and spirituality, the name of Bijay Anand will always pop up in that conversation and how. He’s truly the quintessential man who’s an expert in the art of multitasking and well, no wonder, there’s certainly a lot to learn from him. On one hand, he’s globally respected for being a Kundalini Yoga expert and on the other hand, he’s a successful actor in the Indian entertainment industry who’s working with the best of actors, superstars and platforms. While others might feel that juggling time might be quite tough for someone like him, in reality, he manages to ace that space with finesse.

Right now, Bijay has a lot to look forward to professionally. From his multiple project releases to his upcoming events, there’s a lot happening at his end. When we got in touch with him to ask him more about it, he said and we quote,

“Well, there’s a lot happening in the space of acting including a very special project of Netflix. All those will be discussed when the right time comes. However, presently, I am most excited about my upcoming Yoga events. In the month of August, I am going to teach in 8 countries of Europe, starting from Sweden, Finland, & Prague to ending with Istanbul in the month of August. At all of these festivals, I have been chosen as the headliner aka leading Yoga guru and hence, the respect that I get as one of the leading Kundalini Yoga teachers all over the globe warms my heart. Apart from this, I am also very excited about my own Yoga retreats that are set to happen in my own healing centre. 2 hour sessions where groups of 40 individuals each will be joining me for an exclusive experience 3 days of health, wellness and spirituality. This is all set to start from September and it is going to be a repetitive thing from the month of September, 2024. So yes, there’s a lot that’s set to happen and like always, I am enjoying every bit of it with a positive frame of mind. I am looking forward to every bit of it.”

Well, kudos to Bijay Anand for showing an unlimited amount of passion, commitment, dedication towards his first love aka Kundalini Yoga. He’s certainly one of those individuals who believes that sharing is caring and that’s why, he enjoys every bit of sharing his happiness with others through his teachings all over the world. For an actor of his calibre who’s on one hand doing massive projects like Adipurush, Shershaah, Bade Miyan Chote Miyan and many more, it takes a lot to be spiritual and spiritual enough to positively influence others towards the right direction. The way he has taken it as a responsibility to share this form of happiness with others is truly exemplary and here’s hoping and praying that Bijay continues to do this wonderfully. Here’s wishing him good luck for everything going forward. Stay tuned for more updates.


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