If you’re looking for a good chuckle this weekend, Netflix has you covered. Several amusing K-dramas on the platform do the comedy genre well, from slapstick sequences and unique characters to weird misunderstandings and smart dialogue. We’ve selected a handful to add to your watchlist.

If there’s one thing Korean programs are good at, it’s making people laugh. Regardless of the overall genre – thriller or horror – they keep things light by slipping in a little humour. This features comic-book-style battle scenes with a band of outlaws, sexual chemistry highlighted by uncomfortable encounters, and over-the-top repercussions of seemingly insignificant decisions. Here’s a look at all of the titles we believe are worth seeing.

Check out our full list of K-dramas to watch!

This weekend, unwind with these amusing K-dramas-

  1. Welcome To Wakiki
    This riveting Korean drama follows three guys who own a guest home in Itaewon: an unconventional actor, a freelance writer, and an ambitious director. What’s the catch? Neither of them is aware of the situation. Naturally, they are on the edge of going bankrupt. That is until a single woman and her strange infant enter the building. Expect slapstick laughter, weird situations, and a peculiar plot. A second season has also been ordered due to outstanding acting performances.

2.    Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
This is a hugely famous K-drama that follows the life of Do Bong-Soon, who is clever and endowed with superhuman strength. Her fantasy? To play the lead in her own video game. Min-Hyuk, the suave yet funny CEO of a gaming firm looking for a personal bodyguard, is also in the picture. The two naturally – if reluctantly, due to their opposing personalities – collaborate. During this time, they discover crimes done against women in their neighbourhood. There’s enough lighthearted comedy, upbeat language, and delightfully silly situations and people to keep you entertained. We’re talking about amazing one-sided battle scenes and hilarious pole dancing. Don’t pass up this opportunity.

  1. Hometown Cha Cha Cha

In K-drama circles, this romantic comedy enjoys a cult-like following. Yoon Hye Jun, a city girl dentist, goes to a beach hamlet to start her own business. There she meets the quirky and multi-talented Hong Du Sik. While the former adjusts to her new life, the latter supports her. But not before putting her through countless outrageously amusing situations unintentionally. All the while being involved in numerous. The program is worth watching because of the rapport between all of the characters, the touching yet hilarious representations of lifestyle disparities, and the smart dialogue.

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