Blackpink made history when Lisa, who performed the song Lalisa, won Best K-Pop at the 2022 VMAs. Other K-Pop groups up for awards were BTS for Yet To Come, Itzy for Loco, Seventeen for “Hot,” Stray Kids for “Maniac,” and Twice for “The Feels.” A happy Lisa is given a hug by her ecstatic bandmates in the social media video depicting the award ceremony. Jisoo, Rose, and Jennie received special mention in her award speech, and she concluded by saying, “I love you!”

Blackpink received the Metaverse Performance Award among other notable victories. a brand-new category for the 2022 VMAs for the year. Despite not being present, BTS won Best Group of the Year. Blinks are obviously ecstatic and have flocked to social media to yell “Blackpink in the region.” Naturally, the BTS ARMY has jumped in to support the lads and has swamped social media with the trending phrase “BTS paved the way.” One person said, “BTS will always remain the primary character of VMA, regardless of what they claim. They received 21 nominations, and they took home nine prizes. legends!’ Others said, “You’re still the main event, eternally proud of you, BTS. Nothing changed.”

The lady K-Pop group, meanwhile, had a thrilling evening because they even got to play their most recent hit, Pink Venom, at the VMAs. Additionally, Seventeen won Push Performance of the Year.

With the release of their album Square One in 2016, Blackpink made its debut. The album includes songs including Whistle and Boombayah. They just marked their sixth anniversary and made the Born Pink global tour announcement.

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