Once in a while, we chance upon watching something that touches us, moves us and has a huge impact on us and that’s how I felt when I watched the docudrama, ‘In Search of Julian’, that was screened in Ludhiana.

This documentary is based on the real-life incidents of Julian Sadana, how life in a boarding school changed her. Wanting to be recognized and accepted by her peers, she forgot all about herself and her only aim was to ‘please people.’ From giving her stuff to sharing things, she blindly gave into others and in the process, of ‘trying to fit in’, she became emotionally unhappy and the pressure this caused, played havoc on her mental state.

In the process, she lost her individuality. Julian wishes to inspire others through her work and her debut in this short film, will leave an ever-lasting impact on the viewers.

The 37-minute documentary has been conceptualized by Julian herself and produced by Dolly Sidana under the banner of Julian Productions. The movie is promoted by Panorama Studios and is indeed a marvel to see such a young girl, tell a story that is inspiring and so relevant in today’s time and age.

Julian states, “If only you knew the difference between who you are and who you could be, it would blow your mind away!” The fact is, that it all begins in our mind, whatever we give power to grows and by giving more weightage to other people, Julian felt stifled.

This documentary has already won an award at the 21st season of the Black Swan International Film Festival. A brilliant sharing Julian and the team!!

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