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BTS’ Jung Kook and HYBE are criticised for playing at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, urging people


BTS members Jung Kook and HYBE are in trouble after receiving more negative feedback on their plan to participate in the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony. After learning about the widespread human rights abuses in Qatar, ARMY fans expressed their thoughts that they would not be able to accept a 3-minute song.

While many cheered for Jung Kook and enjoyed his solo performance, several fans began to express growing skepticism. They believe the agency and the artist are being disingenuous toward their beliefs, especially the ones they expressed in a moving statement before the United Nations (UN).

Even a supporter called them out and questioned whether the UN’s discussions on human rights were “performative after all.”

The media and BTS fans may be excited about Jung Kook’s future appearance at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022, but many others are also passionately opposed to it. Although some devoted followers said that the K-pop star was receiving hate due to his popularity, in actuality, the FIFA tournament has come under increasing fire from famous people, politicians, and activists.

Some ARMYs who are aware of the corruption and human rights problems in Qatar expressed their “disappointment” with Jung Kook and HYBE. Their justification was simple: the singer of Euphoria’s actions went against all BTS stands for. The septet joined the UN in 2018 after being selected as their Goodwill Ambassador.

Fans said that the news might make one feel both pleased and depressed. The newest member of BTS will sing at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony for the first time ever, and she even contributed to the music. For a Korean pop idol group, who are now recognised globally, it is no minor accomplishment.


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