It seems appropriate to mention this bizarre drama on Park Hyung-birthday sik’s because it somehow stands out in his strange filmography, which also includes the historical epic Hwarang: The Warrior Poet, the zombie survival thriller Happiness, and the tender, wholesome, and mature Soundtrack #1, which follows two best friends falling in love.

Fantasy K-dramas may be stunningly fantastical. You may watch a mermaid fall in love with a guy and erase his memory, a program about demonic soul-swapping, or you can settle with a show about Grim Reapers trapped in a bureaucratic system. There are no restrictions on inventiveness. Strong Girl Bong-soon by Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young, a bizarre superhero drama with a serial murder mystery woven into it, sits in the center of the supernatural and fantasy.

Bong-soon has the ability to toss explosives into the air, halt vehicles with one hand, and jump from one building to another. However, as this was a 2017 K-drama and women having total agency looked to be a fresh, uncommon situation, she frequently hid her influence and appeared to be in a love triangle with two attractive men, one of which was her closest friend and the other was her attractive employer Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik). A devilish serial murderer who is abducting women from the streets while imitating Bluebeard from the horrifying fairy tale is also at work as she fights with personal issues. That’s a lot going on for one program, but fans of Korean dramas are accustomed to this at this point.

The connection between Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young gives the program its flavour, despite the fact that the plot sometimes stumbles and wanders off on tedious tangents that lead nowhere. In several situations, notably, the one where Bong-soon carries him after he has been shot, Min-hyuk defies the rules for K-drama heroes by not being the stereotypical male saviour, which significantly changes gender dynamics in the program. Even though he urgently attempts to be the manly saviour, she regularly saves him. The option to get stabbed for her, in a fairly white flame of sacrifice, is only given to him once in the show.

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