The Bangtan Boys, or BTS, are a worldwide phenomenon. Millions of people love them for their huge songs, fantastic live performances, and endearing personalities. Early in their lives, each of them began chasing a career as an idol. The oldest, Kim Seokjin nicknamed Jin, was 19 years old. Some of them were superior students in school, even though they had all graduated from university.

We all know that BTS RM was a conscientious student. He excelled in all courses and learned English through observing friends. With an IQ of 148, BTS frontman Kim Namjoon, better known as RM, was regarded as one of the best scholars in the nation. But he was never certain that pursuing education was his life’s mission. He did end up becoming a businessman like his father, though not a musician. In Ilsan, RM grew up in a home of the upper middle class. He did some studying in New Zealand.

According to reports, Kim Seokjin, who comes from an affluent family, switched three schools. He was a student on an exchange program who spent around six months in Australia. Given that they were financially secure, Kim Seokjin’s family also gave him their full support in order for him to achieve fame. He studied acting at Konkuk University, and it appears that he received high marks. We can infer that Kim Seokjin was a smart person because the aforementioned University likewise accepts smart pupils.

SUGA aka Min Yoongi, a member of BTS, did not switch schools frequently. He seemed to be clever but not really engaged in academics. This is apparent even in his words when he says that learning is beneficial but that the current system is unsatisfactory. But few people can match SUGA’s level of general and irrational knowledge.

Jimin was an excellent student, just like BTS’s leader RM. Science was his preferred subject. Also, he served as the class president. His dancing abilities, though, were what everyone noticed. His instructors thought he had what it took to flourish in modern dance. He later decided to idolize himself. In BTS, Jimin’s training time was the shortest.

J-Hope or Jung Hoseok was not a bad student, but he was always interested in a career in the performing arts. His instructors have rated him as a student who is above average. They predicted that he would make objectives and put a lot of effort into achieving them. It’s possible that Hobi’s poetry in his songs is due to the fact that Jung Hoseok, or J-Hope father,’s was a literature professor.

The family of BTS V, nicknamed Kim Taehyung, was completely supportive of his profession as an idol, in contrast to some of the other members. With his education, he did not have to worry as much. He has acknowledged that he did not study well.

Nevertheless, golden mänae Although Jeon Jungkook is a musical prodigy, his academic achievements cannot be compared. The BTS members were present for his high school graduation. He was spotted having trouble with fundamental math on a radio broadcast.

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