Children are taught a variety of crucial life lessons that subsequently serve as the cornerstone of their existence. But even animals can recognize some emotions and enjoy each other’s presence. like a tortoise and a monkey. Surprised? The unique bond is depicted in a social media video where an ape and tortoise are seen sharing an apple.

Social media users are loving the video that Buitengebieden released on Twitter. Sharing is caring, according to the caption.

An apple-eating chimpanzee opens the video. He takes a mouthful and then delivers the subsequent piece to the turtle seated next to him. Later in the video, a third chimp is shown admiring the tortoise while sitting next to the two companions.

After being shared, the video received more than 3.4 lakh Twitter likes and about 8.8 million views. The post has received over 49,000 retweets thus far from people.

Users have made sincere comments in appreciation of the chimp’s kind nature. One person responded, “I enjoy politeness, amongst humans,” while another, “Mom always says it tastes better when u share.”

One more person commented, “Primates keeping pets.”

Buitengebieden, who has more than 1.2 million followers on Twitter, frequently posts endearing animal movies that her audience adores.

It just published a video of an orange-carrying chimpanzee in the wild. Despite having an abundance of fruits in his hands, he was still carrying two more in each foot and one in his mouth. The monkey manages to carry all of the fruits despite having difficulty walking.

On Twitter, the video received thousands of likes and more than 2.3 million views.

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