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BTS’s Twitter account has been suspended; read on for fan comments


BTS is one of the most popular groups, with millions of followers all around the world. Their supporters, dubbed the Army, are outraged that BTS’ official Twitter profiles have been banned. BTS World, a mobile video game created by Takeone Company Corp and released by Netmarble, has been halted. According to sources, Team Copyright is responsible for the ban. They have described themselves as Bangelidishi cyber security researchers and have over 5,000 Facebook followers.

According to reports, they are a non-profit group dedicated to creating a clean internet. They want to get rid of any pornographic or atheist stuff that is flowing around the internet. However, it is unclear if the BTS account was stopped due to the advocacy of atheism, equality, and homosexuality. BTS followers have already responded fiercely on Twitter, demanding that the account be reinstated.

The ARMY is stunned and has rushed to Twitter to request that the suspension be lifted. Fans have stated that they have been following BTS for a long time and have never broken any Twitter regulations. They have asked that the account be restored as quickly as possible. It was difficult for some fans to accept that the account had been suspended.

“I’m feeling so much humiliation right now,” a Bangladeshi admirer remarked. The guy even called the people in Bangladesh nasty and claimed that the BTS World Tour official account had been suspended. The fan had no words to express the horrible event.

BTS, a South Korean boy band, has taken the globe by storm with their songs, music videos, and global successes. From being nominated for a Grammy to winning an American Music Award, BTS is one of the most well-known brands in the world today. Recently, a sea of fans of the K-pop group, also known as ARMY, showed their joy as the band team won a new accomplishment. BTS member Jimin was granted credit for producing and composing the song Friends, which was included in the Marvel film Eternals.


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