You might be aware of a trend that is now becoming popular if you frequently use social media, especially Instagram. Under the guise of photographing anything else, individuals lure their loved ones into capturing their own emotions. The outcomes are equally cute and funny. Currently, a pet parent and her cat are participating in the fad, and their video is becoming insanely popular online. It perfectly depicts the cat’s response to her pet mother’s dance.

The video was shared on Instagram two days ago and has since accumulated over 1.7 million views. It has also received a flurry of comments.

“Skye is both your biggest fan and critic,” posted an individual with a laughing emoticon. “Skye said yep that’s my mom,” wrote another. “Skye is just so gorgeously expressive,” expressed a third with a heart emoticon. “Her reaction was the smile and she saying Yup that’s my mommy,” shared a fourth. “I just love your content! Makes me smile every single time,” commented a fifth.

Since being posted on Instagram two days ago, the video has received over 1.7 million views. Additionally, it has drawn a lot of comments.

A user with a smiling emoji commented, “Skye is both your biggest fan and critic.” Another person wrote, “Skye responded yup that’s my mom.” A third person used a love symbol to say, “Skye is just so wonderfully expressive.” A fourth person said, “Her response was the smile and she said Yup that’s my mama.” I just like your material! Every time, it makes me grin,” remarked a fifth.

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