A story that examines issues of loss, sorrow, ambition, academic pressure, mental health, and relationships is one that is really timeless. These characteristics of young adult life, which frame coming-of-age narratives, are also sympathetic, sentimental, and endearing. You may turn this into a binge-worthy program by adding traditional K-drama elements like great production value, intriguing storyline twists, and offbeat humor. These K-dramas will transport you to earlier times.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

The story of a naturally talented weightlifter who wants to attend college so she may continue her lifting love is explored in this play. Her closest buddy Jung Joon-hyung, a swimmer, pursues his own goals in the meanwhile. You’ll find yourself sobbing, grinning, and supporting the main characters as they each balance their various occupations with their relationships while working toward success. This one is for you if your daily binge includes a rollercoaster of emotions.

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

This program, which is one of the most well-liked K-dramas of 2022, is set in 1998 and chronicles the lives of two individuals who initially cross paths when they are, respectively, 22, and 18, and fall in love three years later. The 18-year-old Na Hee-do joins the national fencing squad after participating in high school fencing. While dealing with the family’s financial loss, Baek Yi Jin does odd jobs delivering newspapers before landing a job as a sports reporter for a TV network. This narrative, which explores themes of transformation, love, relationships, and ambition, is both heartbreaking and consoling. Don’t pass up this opportunity.

Reply 1988

Reply 1988 is a touching story set in the 1980s that chronicles the lives of five families and their five teenaged children who all reside in a same Seoul neighborhood. The plot is pretty straightforward, with both important lessons to be learned and funny moments as all the characters manage their relationships with one another while handling the challenges presented by their individual lives. Expect plenty of silliness as well as quotable conversation. This is a must-watch drama that has one of the best ratings on television.

Moment Of Eighteen

In this episode, 18-year-old Choi Jun Woo experiments with loneliness. He’s humorous, nice, and kind, but can’t really articulate his feelings properly, so he comes across to most people as distant. When he switches schools, he meets Yoo Soo-bin, a top student with a controlling mother who aspires to be independent, and things start to change for him. Ma Hwi-young, who appears to be powerful and certain on the surface but is just as scared and unsure as any other adolescent his age, is another character. By relying on one another, each of these individuals navigates their life and improves them. This one feels like a welcome warm hug.

The Inheritors

This K-drama is for you if you liked watching Gossip Girl when you were younger. It highlights the lives of affluent, privileged teenagers who overcome obstacles while poised to inherit their families’ businesses. When Kim Tan was ready to inherit Jeguk Group, his brother, who was eager to take control, sent him to the US. He meets Cha Eun-sang there, who is searching for her sister. Expect power struggles, opulent lifestyles, and enough drama to keep you interested. Not to add, there are also themes of social disparity, romance, and sibling conflict.

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