Remember, respect is earned, not commanded. You have to work for it, it’s not going to fall in your lap. Here are some traits of those who are respected instantly and by all and sundry.

  1. THOSE WHO LISTEN AND SPEAK- Speak with intent, be clear and stick to your point. Also, focus and pay attention to what others are saying. Others will respect you more if you hear them out and not interrupt when they speak.
  2. GENUINE CONFIDENCE- Confidence is a super power, it is a morale booster. People respect the opinion of confident people more.
  3. A POSITIVE ATTITUDE- Those who have a positive approach in life, tend to lead and are respected. No one likes to be around those that complain or sulk. However, don’t be a bully, there is a thin line between banter and bullying.
  4. HONESTY- Maintain your integrity and loyalty at all costs. Be trustworthy, stand up for the right. If you can be that person who stands up for the right, can be depended on, definitely people seek you out and respect your opinion.
  5. HUMBLE ATTITUDE- Those that have an air around them and pretend to be ultra-smart, are often disliked. On the other hand, those that are modest, own up to their mistakes are liked and respected by all.
  6. EMPATHY- The way you treat others, is how others will treat you back. If you help others in need, respect every one no matter how old/ young, rich/ poor, people will seek you.

With the right values in life and a kind heart, you will surely be respected.

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