There is much more on the plate if you thought you had finished the chocolate dosa, cola Maggi, and gulab jamun samosa. That’s accurate. We are discussing an unusual (read: strange) piece of news that is presently making the rounds online. It concerns a “smart” food processor known as a “dosa printer.” We were heard. We recently came across a video of this device that, quite literally, helps you make “paper” thin dosa! Additionally, the dosa looks like a printed A-4 size sheet, as its name says. The commercial says, “A great machine…helps me prepare wonderfully crisp and nutritious dosa to kick-start my day.” You may adjust the dosa’s crispiness and thickness with the use of this device.

The video quickly gained popularity online as users responded to it. While some people thought it was quite helpful, especially for beginning chefs, others were perplexed. Some others thought it was completely “useless.” Let’s look at a few of the Twitter comments.

A Twitter user writes, “If this machine can create 20 dosas at once, I might really purchase it.” Another individual says, “The dosa printer is the most adored person on the Internet right now.”

This innovation is pointless. The toughest thing is not making the dosai. Making batter requires more effort. Chappathi producers use a machine to prepare the flour-based dough in a logical manner. Here, you need to produce your own batter, Another user quoted.

Another user of Twitter said, “when you prepare sambhar by yourself and chatni by yourself. What is left for this dosa printer when you have to make your own dosa liquid? Self-prepare the dosa by heating the pan, adding oil, and stirring. Why spend money on an expensive dosa printer and electricity?”

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