The Star Plus program “Imlie” has kept people captivated by their televisions. Imlie’s role in the current episode of the program is to promote joy across Rathore Mansion. She wants to bring back Bhaskar Times. Cheeni desires Imlie and Aryan to be reunited. With time, they have been becoming closer.

The future episodes feature Cheeni forcing Imlie to stumble as Aryan is holding her. They converse with one another. Imlie questions why he constantly backs her. She is told by Aryan not to hold out hope for the family because she is just staying at the Rathore home temporarily. When Cheeni observes this, she concludes that Imlie will never go from Aryan.

The family prepares for the festival of Janmashtami. Cheeni is furious when Aryan fails to participate in the festivities. Aryan stays behind for the party at Narmada and Arpita’s request so as not to let Cheeni down. Jaggu and Cheeni compete to become the Kanha. Both of them, says Imlie, have the potential to become Kanhas.

Narmada is emotionally blackmailed by Malini, who also gives her a Bal Gopal idol and tells her she is lonely since their family is absent. She claims that Cheeni’s age would have been reached if her daughter had been alive. She receives a call from Narmada asking her to think of Cheeni as her own during the Janmashtami festivities.

Cheeni is disregarded by Neela. Imlie returns it in her own fashion. Neela attempts to smack Imlie with her hand but Imlie stops her and tells her to apologize to Cheeni. Malini also becomes envious when she considers how close Aryan and Imlie are getting. She wants to take Cheeni away.

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