Echoes, a drama series starring Michelle Monaghan is a mysterious thriller build around an old but still popular plot: it’s a story of twins, Gina and Leni, who share a secret; the fact they have double lives. The twins have been sharing homes, husbands and a child and switch each year on their birthday.

Leni goes missing and her husband calls Gina to break the news and her absence reveals a whole lot of puzzles that need to be solved.

“Echoes” loses its grip in the beginning only. For the first four episodes, the traditional mystery loses its charm due to shallow writing and choppy editing. And almost immediately, as if the reins of a runaway horse need to be pulled, the 5th episode is like an explosion but despite all efforts, the talented cast cannot hold the viewer’s interest.

Echoes tries many different lanes for this mystery series; in “Leni’s” suspicious disappearance and Leni’ s search for Gina, crime drama as a jarringly condescending sheriff played by Karen Robinson who is a smart cookie and puts together the missing pieces, psychological drama-flailing limbs in a tub, a burning church, their mother’s death and romance is covered by Jack and Leni’s relationship and Gina’s bond with a troubled boy named Dylan.

I don’t believe the concept of guilty pleasures-love what you love! But I absolutely believe in engrossing trashiness. For a few hours, Echoes achieves that much, you do get totally involved in it until you aren’t anymore. The lack of confidence in the audiences intelligence is too much to bear and in spite of Monaghan’s worthy double-act, the show lacks lustre.

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