We are aware of how difficult it is to attend the gym, stay committed to your weight reduction program, and exercise every day. With our busy schedules, finding time for a weight reduction journey may be difficult. But don’t panic; even while exercise is important for weight reduction, you still have a lot of alternatives. Dietician Vidhi Chawla lists fennel seeds as one of these alternatives. Fennel seeds, commonly referred to as saunf, are used in food as a flavor enhancer or as a mouth refresher. They provide a multitude of health benefits and may also be used to treat a variety of illnesses like digestive disorders, asthma, stomach troubles, etc.

How may fennel seeds assist in weight loss?

1) Consuming fennel seeds make you feel full and reduce overeating and food cravings since they are abundant in fiber and minerals. Fewer calories are ingested as a consequence, which leads to weight reduction. Your body’s capacity to absorb vitamins and minerals is improved, which reduces the quantity of body fat.

2) Fennel seeds help your body remove toxins and help you maintain a healthy metabolism. It also has a lot of antioxidants and minerals that protect your body from oxidative stress-related illnesses including diabetes and obesity. This all supports weight reduction.

3) It encourages water retention, contains essential oils that inhibit hunger, and maintains the health of your stomach by secreting gastric enzymes. The maintenance of excellent gut and digestive health is crucial for maintaining weight.

4) Consuming the right quantity of fennel seeds may be beneficial for both weight loss and cleansing of your body. The extra energy you’ll have during the day can help you lose weight.

Fennel seeds should be added to hot water.

– Put it in a 5-minute boil.

Pour the liquid into a glass when the gas has been turned off.

Fennel seeds can either be filtered or consumed whole.

– Lemon is an additional choice.

5) Eat this first thing in the morning to maintain a healthy digestive tract and regular bowel motions.

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