Life has become far too convenient with food delivery services. However, occasionally, we hear wacky tales concerning food delivery. Recently, one man shared such an experience on social media. He received a depressing message and several bones in place of the dinner he requested.

Damien Sanders ordered some fries, a drink, and some chicken wings. He was therefore happy when his dinner came. The intensity of the exhilaration quickly subsided, though. The man is seen demonstrating to his followers the items in his meal delivery in a video that was shared on Instagram. The bag of fries was empty, while the bag of chicken wings contained nothing but bones. It came with a depressing note.

The message read, “I regret eating cho meal. I’m hungry and poor. Think of it as you paying it forward because I’m leaving this dreary job in the process. Be fortunate. Your Door Dash Guy.” The caption on the video said, “It’s the “ORIGINAL” video. Yes, that’s me. Go ahead, DoorDash Nkka. None of my chicken.”

The video has received a lot of attention since being posted. On Instagram, it received more than 2,000 views. Several comments were left on the post by users. Others pleaded for Sanders’ pardon while others made jokes about the delivery boy. One wrote, “It’s okay, forgive him.” One more said, “Dude writes in your voice. You can’t really blame him for becoming your alter ego if he’s false or not real.”

Would you be okay if someone else stole your food and you were hungry as a result?

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