One should be aware that your meal choices may be the main source of any gastrointestinal problems you have. One must take into account certain healthy selections, which includes understanding which to select over another, in order to keep gut health.

Bhakti Kapoor, a nutritionist, recently stated in one of her Instagram posts that while some food and drink options are more well-liked, they are not necessarily better for digestive health and that people can intentionally switch them out for alternatives that are healthier in nature.

One of the main reasons to avoid drinking frigid water is because it has a detrimental effect on digestion, the expert stated in the commentary that was included with the image.

“Cold drinks, including iced water, narrow the blood vessels and impede digestion. When you drink frigid water, your body has a harder time naturally absorbing nutrients during digestion, Kapoor said. She went on to say that lemon, ginger, and water in lemon-ginger tea might be beneficial for indigestion. “Both lemon and ginger contain plant compounds that may lessen mild stomach discomfort brought on by indigestion.”

She then discussed the difference between inflammatory (refined) oil and cold-pressed oil. The expert advises using cold-pressed oils because they include “vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin C, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and other healthy fats” and because they “retain the strength of their components and maintain them in their original form.”

Next, select veggie noodles in place of spaghetti or refined grains. “Veggie noodles are a good gluten-free alternative to cut down on the amount of carbohydrates found in pasta, but they also offer a more complete range of nutrients, including vitamin A (good for vision and the immune and inflammatory systems), C (an antioxidant that is good for skin and bones), E (good for heart health), and K (good for blood & bone health).

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