Recently, Hrithik Roshan was spotted with a mystery girl outside a restaurant in Mumbai. The reports say that a mystery girl was Saba Azad.

Is Hrithik Roshan in love? The actor was recently seen hand-in-hand with actress Saba Azad. After their pictures went viral, fans are curious about if the duo is dating.

Hrithik and Saba were seen holding hands while leaving the restaurant. Hrithik also guided Saba to the car. The videos and pictures are creating buzz on social media. Are they dating or collaborating for a new project?

A source close to Hrithik told Bollywood Hungama that “the actor prefers to keep his personal life under wraps”. When ETimes asked Saba to find more details about the alleged couple, Saba reportedly chose to remain silent. Neither did she accept the link up with Hrithik nor did she deny. At no point did she say ‘NO’ when asked if she was with Hrithik. The duo was spotted holding hand-in-hand as Hrithik guided her towards his car. They both did not pose the paparazzi, rather he made sure that Saba reaches the car safely.

More information about Saba, she and her co-band member Imaad Shah, Naseeruddin and Ratna Pathak’s son are a famous electronic music pair. The actress was last seen in Netflix’s original “Feels Like Ishq” and will be seen in the upcoming web series named “Rocket Boys”.

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