Tanishaa Mukerji is one of the most charming and graceful personalities in the Indian entertainment industry. With a strong and positive mindset compiled with hard work and efforts, Tanishaa has managed to cement her niche in the Indian entertainment space. She’s the quintessential ‘pilates girl’ on Instagram and no wonder, her videos often trend on social media.

Apart from being the stunner that she is, Tanishaa is someone who is also extremely woke as a citizen of this country. Some time back, she was invited to be part of a podcast which dealt with the important topic of ‘good touch and bad touch’. Like a socially responsible individual and true patriot, Tanishaa shared her opinion on the subject and managed to reach out to a larger audience. She’s a true-blue patriot by heart and she’s given enough instances of that in the past.

As India gears for its 77th Independence Day, Tanishaa shared her viewpoint about her special day. She said,

“We are into our 77th year of Independence this year and with every passing year, the feeling of goosebumps only gets stronger. It has taken our freedom fighters a herculean effort to free our motherland and that’s why, we are able to live freely. What started with our freedom fighters at that time has been continued wonderfully by our army and special forces. They are the reason why we can sleep peacefully at night without any fear of invasion or threat. They sacrifice and stay away from their families so that our families can be safe. There’s no bigger contribution than this I feel. I salute the Indian Army and the special forces for their contribution to this country. I am extremely grateful to them for what they do and I pray that God takes good care of them and their families as well. This would be my wish this Independence Day.”

On the work front, Tanishaa Mukerji will have interesting work announcements soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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