Luv Sinha has always been a sincere and dedicate actor in the true sense of the term. whenever and wherever he’s got an opportunity to showcase his talent as an actor, he’s done that with good effect. This time, the opportunity came his way in Gadar 2 where he played the role of Fareed. It’s always a difficult task to create impact with limited screen time. However, Luv being the fearless actor that he is was up for the challenge and his bravado seems to have paid off. he’s been getting a lot of positive feedback for his role as Fareed in the movie. Not just that, there’s a lot of buzz on the internet about his charming screen presence and strong voice which can be seen in the film. In fact, the reception has been such that netizens are actually looking forward to him being utilised on-screen for better and longer roles.

Luv, who’s happy with all the feedback from his audience shares,

“Well, I am very grateful for the love I am being given. In a big film like Gadar 2 which is primarily dominated by Sunny Deol’s superstar presence, you know you have to find a way to make a mark. However, I am pleasantly surprised with the kind of reaction my character Fareed has recieved. The audiences have liked my work and I am thankful to Anil sir for making it happen.”

He added,

“I received a lot of compliments for my voice and screen presence and I am happy that fans want to see more of me in even bigger and more prominent roles. For me, more than the size of the role, what matters is I got an opportunity to work with Sunny sir and be a part of a epic film like Gadar 2.”

Gadar 2 is currently roaring in the box office like a true champion and all fans of Luv are immensely happy with his presence in an iconic film like this. There’s plenty more happening at the actor’s end and the announcements will happen soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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