IB 71, a movie packet with action, marks Vidyut’s debut as a producer. The plot revolves around an espionage, India’s top-secret mission, that is said to have aided India’s victory in the 1971 India-Pakistan war.

With Anupam Kher and Vidyut Jammwal as the protagonists, the movie starts with a bang but loses grip midway. An intelligence officer receives critical information about Pakistan and China’s impending attacks on Indian soil in 10 days. The only solution is an airspace blockade. RAW comes up with a plan. Two Kashmiri separatists, who have been wanting to hijack a plane, do so with the help of an intelligence agency. A plane was hijacked and landed in Lahore. The plane was burned and this was declared as an act of war by Pakistan.

Depicting facts in a realistic manner, this spy-thriller has a good storyline. This takes us back to 1971, the prelude to Indo-Pakistan war, when East Pakistan transformed to Bangladesh. The movie engrosses the audience. There is no unnecessary drama, no extra songs.

It’s a period, action drama, with a good screenplay.  Sankalp Reddy had earlier directed The Ghazi Attack, which was about submarine warfare. The shots of Kashmir, on the Dal Lake, in this movie are beautiful.

A good, patriotic movie that shows the role of intelligence agencies. Watch it though the movie has it’s fair share of slips and glitches.

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